Manasa maine varoo madhuram nulli tharoo

Chemmeen Songs Lyrics
Song : Maanasa maine varoo madhuram nulli tharoo
Film : Chemmeen
Year : 1965
Music : Salil Chowdhury
Lyrics : Vayalar
Singer : Manna Dey

Oh...... oh.......
Maanasa maine varoo madhuram nulli tharoo
nin aruma poo vaadiyil nee theduvathaare aare

(Maanasa maine varoo )

nilaavinte naattile nishagandhi poothallo -2
kali koottukaarane marannu poyo

(Maanasa maine varoo )

kadalile olavum karalile mohavum -2
adangukillomane adangukillaa

(Maanasa maine varoo )


Col. VG Rajan said...

I had seen CHEMMEEN on its release years back, don't know when. But had great desire to learn MAANASA MAINE VAROO. Now at 72, I have learnt to sing this fairly well. Took the help of my malayali neighbor to pronounce ADUNGUKILLOMANE ADANGUKILLA. Very happy. Now I am practicing for perfection.

Unknown said...

great to know sir..yes this is one of the most soulful singing by Dey sahib..and evergreen in the memory of all music lovers especially malayalees...iam 70 now and do cherish this song & love to sing when ever i get a chance.......all the best to you sir..,,,

Raghavan Kurungat said...

This one brings a perpetual note of sadness. Back in 1983 while in Bhutan, I remember, my Headmaster Bimal Kumar Banerjee used to sing this one in the frozen, desolate Himalayan nights. While singing, this Bengalee seemed to live with the emotions of this song. May be, he is still singing in the bleak moonlight:

Kadalile olavum karalile mohavum
Adangukillomane adangukilla..


Movie and this song amazing 🤩

KR Ganapathy said...

Good wishes boss

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